EP1 - Physical

The vinyl version of EP1, comes with a digital download

Plays at 33rpm, with New Partner and Never Quit on Side A, and Kidnapped and Hand To Hand on the B side. Telling the story of the 1987 Action Movie 'Lethal Weapon' from start to finish.

They come in handmade, and laboured over packaging; including black paper sleeves and inside a clear dust jacket. Also includes a lyric sheet.

This record is limited to 15, and made using the process of lathe cutting. To those unfamiliar with this, here is some more information. The nature of lathe cut records is that they are more 'lo-fi' than traditional pressed vinyl, they play at around half the volume and as each one is hand made, sometimes they have small inconsistencies. The best way to cure this, is turn it way loud, and play them more; that helps clean out any dust/whatnot and so will make them sound better. Yes they are clear, yes they are square.

Records will be sent out in stiff mailers ASAP. Downloads will be available straight away.

note - they may not sound great on cheap record players, just read this

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    EP1 - Digital

    The digital version of EP1, for playing on your devices and what not.

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    EP1 - Vinyl